Painting Contractors - PCCP accredited through CSIRO

Our PCCP accreditation demonstrates compliance with performance standards – quality systems, satisfied customers, skilled and experienced personnel. SRS has met this industry-relevant standard through regular audits by personnel with appropriate skills, experience and knowledge.

Class 3 – Site Application Atmospheric – Liquid Coatings

Class 4 – Site Application Immersion – Liquid Coatings

Class 5 – Hazardous (Heavy Metal) coatings removal

Class 6 – Hazardous (Respirable Dust) coatings removal

Work Health and Safety – Accredited Management System

SRS has a compliant WHS Management System, per the standard outlined in AS4804:2001. Our WHS system has been audited against the latest guidelines – 5th edition. SRS is dedicated to providing safe work conditions and the minimisation of risks to personnel.

EPA – Environmental Protection Licence

SRS is committed to the protection of the environment. We are licenced with the handling and transport of hazardous materials – Category 1 and 2 of trackable waste.

Technical Testing – Blasting and Painting

SRS surface preparation system – passes Adhesion Test

Appendix 1 CTI Consultant Report – Adhesion test , shows the results achieved by an independent coating consultant which clearly shows our SRS Surface preparation system in conjunction with Dulux Protective Coating applied to specification achieves excellent adhesion test results, as tested on heavily corroded bar steel.

View: Coating Adhesion Test

We are constantly researching and trialing various methods and materials to improve the results and performance for our clients.

Appendix 2 is a Dulux Protective Coatings Technical Notes- stating the advantages of the Surface Removal Specialists system.

View Technical Notes: Mild Steel – Wet Blasting Dulux