Top 10 reasons to use SRS

  1. Only uses the earth’s natural elements… volcanic/ inorganic sand, fresh water and low pressurized air, we effectivley remove rust, corrosion, paint (normal, industrial strength and lead based) using our simple to operate abrasive blasting system run by our professional operators.
  2. Fully transportable… so the solution comes to you
  3. No matter what the condition…we are able to prepare the surface for repair or surface coatings applications .
  4. Environmentally safe, low pressure, heated cleaning method… for all types of surface preparations. SRS uses absolutely no chemicals and our formula is non-toxic which can be disposed of responsibly.
  5. Dust levels are suppressed within the vaporized elements…allowing this extremely low-pressure cleaning method to be used safely within populated urban areas or urban environments.
  6. Suited to the treatment of rust and paint removal… within the industrial industry such as petro chemical sites, mines and steelworks by exposing problems with existing infrastructure including holding tanks and support structures both steel and concrete.
  7. Solutions for non destructive testing (NDT) inspections… to ascertain the integrity of the substrate, be it welds or support structures.
  8. Industry expert advice and information…our experienced and professional team will provide quality service with a focus on detail through the entire process.
  9. Does not spark… making it intrinsically safe.
  10. Set up times and procedures are fast… surface cleaning speeds are rapid… with little to no encapsulation required during the process and plant down times and job interruptions are minimal.

Suitable for a multitude of applications

The exclusive SRS System is suitable for the surface removal, surface preparation, protective coating, industrial plants and infrastructure & structural surfaces involving environmentally challenging areas. We are also fully qualified in lead paint management.


  • Civic Maintenance and Infrastructure
  • Building and Construction
  • Mining – Specializing in Infrastructure
  • Industrial Plants – Petrochemical Plant Compliant
  • Shipyards/Marine Infrastructure


  • Industrial Corrosion Removal
  • Paint Removal
  • Lead Paint Removal
  • Asbestos Removal
  • Heritage Restoration
  • Protective Coating