Concrete profiling and detailing: 

The most important characteristic for a coating or over-lay bonding is the texture or “profile” of the concrete.

The profile of large or difficult concrete surfaces can be prepared through mechanical profiling.

Concrete coatings for Industrial or Commercial applications

Industrial Profiling and Coating

For large concrete industrial surfaces, mechanical profiling is our method of choice.

Whilst acid etching can provide adequate surface preparation for horizontal installations of coatings and toppings, they must be in areas that are well ventilated, spark and dust free environment. Additionally, acid etching  will not remove petroleum-based products or animal vegetable oils from the concrete.

Profiling for Non-Slip surfaces.

We Profile concrete to expose aggregate and to create non slip environments which is is suitable Building and Construction industry requirements.

Commercial Detailing

For commercial purposes, including detailing and non-slip surfaces, we also detail concrete to provide ornamental and decorative effects and Corporate Profiles in large scale concrete environments.

Suitable for large corporate logo or corporate motif detailing in large corporate concrete paved areas, such as

  • HQ entrances
  • Driveways, pathways , private helicopter-pads

Non-Slip Surfaces – Shopping Centres and Schools

We profile concrete to expose aggregate and to create non-slip environments. In commercial spaces such as shopping centres to schools, SRS creates safe slip free area Australian Industry Standards.