Hazardous Paint Removal is an area in which our team specialises. We can provide the full encapsulation, vented air HEPA filtering, and documented debris removal by an Authorised Certified Hazardous Goods Removal Service.

Lead paint is a hazardous material and requires a special solution

Our crews are trained to deal with hazardous materials through:

  • A Documented Hazardous Paint Management System.
  • Full Lead Paint PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) to be worn, at all times.
  • Full ceiling to floor encapsulation, as required.
  • Constant vacuum of debris
  • Ventilation with HEPA filtering
  • Documented use of Certified Hazardous Goods Removal Service for debris removal and disposal
  • WHS Management System – Audited to WHSMS (5th edition)

Our experience:

  • Waterways Constructions – Crane Barge located at Rozelle Bay Sydney  – confined space lead
  • BORAL – Berrima Colliery (Delta SBD) Pit Access Bridge –  Lead Paint Removal –  surface preparation and application of Protective Coating , working at heights( 2011-12 )
Steven Durling

Steven Durling

Managing Director

Steven Durling – Responsible Person for Industrial Lead Paint Management.

You can give Steve a call now on 1300 661 528 for a chat about your project